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Parenting is hard. 

Don't go it alone.

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Thriving parenthood begets thriving childhood.

It's time to cultivate connection, pursue presence, and learn to thrivetogether.

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Praise for WMP Courses

"When I first started working with Kate I was an overwhelmed, depressed mother who had forgotten who she was. I felt like I was failing at everything and like I would never be the mom and wife I needed to be. I came to Kate because I thought I needed help figuring out how to be a better mom, but what I ended up realizing is I needed help finding myself again. Kate helped me rediscover my passions and she's helped me figure out my own values and desires for myself and my family. "


"Well, working with Kate really felt like taking a series of those really deep breaths. Each session helped ground me further into myself and realize how much potential was available to me in my life and really, truly believe for the first time I can take the steps to not only set goals, but also accomplish them. "


"Kate very sweetly, but firmly said "Your kids deserve a happy mother." That one line woke me up. I agreed and immediately started making plans. In five short months, I've moved from a city that wore me out, to a city I absolutely adore. I've gone from having no money in the bank and barely making ends meet, to having savings, enough money to live on and plenty left over to realize my dreams of traveling with my family. "


"Jillian taught me tools I will cherish and continue to use in motherhood. Let's just say I cried my first class at the end. She filled a void and calmed my nerves at the start of my journey as a mom. Prenatal yoga every week taught me a plethora of tools during each stage of pregnancy, laboring, and birth."

Molly D.

"As a first time mama during this pandemic, I can't tell you how much peace this goddess has brought me and so many others."

Mona B.

"Jillian Woods is such a healer. I used her techniques during my C-section with Maeve to remain calm and present during delivery. And, in my everyday life, I often hear her calming words of encouragement and truth. I can't recommend her instruction enough."

Jenn D.

Meet the Mama's

After creating Basal Baby, an e-commerce destination with curated products for kiddos 0 - 4, Michelle and Lydia began to see the need for a different type of parenting resource. Whole Modern Parent was born from the desire to meet the needs of the modern parent in a world of overwhelm. They created Whole Modern Parent to be a safe space for you to cultivate the tools, resources, and relationships to help you thrive as a modern parent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whole Modern Parent was born from our desire to meet the needs of the modern parent in a world of overwhelm.

In our experience of parenthood thus far, it feels as though we grew up in one world and are expected to teach our children to grow up in a very different one. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Nutrition has changed, mountains of research on child development and learning has changed the way we look at children's developmental needs, mindfulness and emotional intelligence are more important than ever. We are both expected to learn these skills for ourselves and in turn be sure our kids are getting the tools they need to succeed as adults today. It's frankly overwhelming.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We saw the need for a toolkit of resources for building and learning skills we weren't always given in the 80's and 90's, so that we can feel good, and in turn, pass these tools on to our kids during their childhoods, with the highest hope that they don't have to relearn how to best thrive in modern adult life as many of us have. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

All growth-minded parents who believe thriving is possible in the chaotic and beautiful season of parenthood.

We are building the resource center and community that we as parents crave and need. 

If you are like us, you are tired and overwhelmed and living in an overly saturated world. WMP does the work of curating trusted experts and brands so growth minded parents can have a single trusted source for the most important resources and tools needed to thrive in parenthood. 

Your membership includes access to curated content and classes in the areas of wellness, personal growth, and childhood development.

You'll receive access to:

  • An ever growing resource library of curated content from experts in the areas of wellness, personal growth, lifestyle, and childhood development
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  • Monthly meditation, workout, nutrition guidance and perspective from our cornerstone experts

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  • Connection & community with fellow growth-minded parents

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