Five Weeks to a Simplified Home, Calm Mind, and Connected Days the comprehensive course by Life Coach and simplicity expert, Kate Saffle


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In this step by step guide, Kate walks you through how to simplify and organize your daily routines and bring order to the family schedule through rhythms, time blocking, rituals, and traditions. 


Five Weeks to a Simplified Home, Calm Mind, and Connected Days  

Life Coach and simplicity expert, Kate Saffle, is on a mission to help parents align their homes with their heart and lead their days with inner and outer peace, simplicity, and clam.

Kate's signature course, Five Weeks to a Simplified Home, Calm Mind, and Connected Days, will provide parents with guidance, support, and resources to create a simplified, peaceful, and calm home environment while growing into the parents and individuals they aspire to be.

About Kate Saffle:


Kate is a certified Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach, host of the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast, and works 1 on 1 with moms to leave auto-pilot forever and intentionally create a life full of purpose, happiness and deep connection. 

Kate thrives in her role as mama of three kiddos, a decaf-coffee drinking homebody, and a full-on travel addict after a year of road-tripping the US in an RV with her family.

Your Dream Life is Achievable + Waiting for you to say YES

Kate's course will teach you how to simplify your home, align your daily rhythms with your family's values, and parent from a powerfully positive mindset over the course of five weeks.

Course members have lifetime access and can revisit the classes and resources as often as needed.

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Rushed? Overwhelmed? Wondering Whose Life you are Living?

Modern parents from all walks of life have felt this pang of loss, including, Kate. Learn the strategies Kate personally used to change her life and to now, maintain a lifestyle for her family, based on defined values and intention. 

With Kates' course you will...

  • Assess the current state of your home, routine, and mindset with Kate's unique 'Contentment Scale'
  • Bring simplicity and calm to your home environment
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to use mindset work to parent peacefully and intentionally.
  • Organize and simplify daily routines and bring order to the family schedule through rhythms, time blocking,  rituals, and traditions.
  • Bring these new tools to life in the real world and have a blueprint for how to realistically implement all of these ideas on a daily basis.

This program is designed and created, not just by a certified simplicity expert, but by a mother living and breathing these tools daily.

Kate's course will help you align your home with your heart and lead your days with inner and outer peace, simplicity, and calm.

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Natalie, Ontario

"Kate offers so much to her clients and is the kindest most understanding person I've had the pleasure of knowing."


Jessica, Oregon

"Have you ever had the experience where you have taken a really deep breath - the type of breath that fills you up and refreshes you? Well, working with Kate really felt like taking a series of those really deep breaths."

Lael, Michigan

"My kids deserve a happy mother.  They've got one now and as a result, the whole family is thriving too!  Thank you, Kate!"


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