Prenatal Prana // The Jillian Woods Method

A comprehensive course for pregnancy to weave movement + breath + meditation into your daily routine.

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Prenatal Prana // The Jillian Woods Method

The Jillian Woods Method is designed to accompany you through the beginning of your 2nd Trimester through the birth of your baby.

Each full length class includes yoga flow, pelvic floor work, review and practice of labor + birthing breath, plus a full meditative relaxation session at the end of each class.

The Jillian Woods Method Includes:

  • Wake up and rise gentle stretching routine
  • 5 full length prenatal classes
  • A loving kindness meditation for mother/child
  • Ayurvedic practices for pregnancy
  • A one-on-one session with Jillian Woods

The Jillian Woods Method is based on Jillian's transformative in person prenatal yoga + wellness program. This program, done in person, is a $500 investment over the course of your pregnancy. 

You can now have the whole method, at your convenience, to practice any time from the comfort of your home for only $157.

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The Jillian Woods Method 

A comprehensive course for pregnancy to weave movement + breath + meditation into your daily routine. Feel more centered and ready for childbirth with Jillian's course. 

Watch anytime and as often as you need from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to feel strong, grounded, and confident through pregnancy + childbirth, this course is for you.

  • Reduce discomfort and anxiety
  • Connect more deeply with your baby
  • Find an ally for your pregnancy journey
  • Build confidence with tools for childbirth

Prenatal Prana with Jillian Woods will give you an opportunity to deepen your connection to your body, your mind, your spirit and your breath and most importantly help you to connect to your sweet baby. 

Get a jump start on your prenatal wellness journey with our free gift to you, a wake up and rise morning routine for you and baby.

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A note from Jillian:

Hello! I’m Jillian Woods, mama to Harry, Sydney, and Graham and wife to Nick. I am the founder of Prenatal Prana// The Jillian Woods Method and Jillian Woods Yoga. I live in Oklahoma City with my family and have the fortunate gift of teaching yoga and sharing my work with my community.

In 2009 I moved to Oklahoma City and obtained myprenatal yoga certification and began teaching prenatal yoga to the Oklahoma City community. From there I continued my education and received my Postnatal Certification and Yoga for Women/Renewal Certification. 

Over this period of time I became a mother to three amazing individuals. I felt supported during each of my pregnancies and during childbirth by my doula and my partner and it made such a difference in my experience as I transitioned into motherhood. I felt more confident and able to tune into my intuition to guide me as a mother. I gathered wisdom and guidance in my prenatal classes that I attended with my teacher when I was pregnant and I am forever grateful to her. 

Tuning into my maternal spirit has been invaluable and has strengthened my skills as a teacher and stewards the connection I have with my students. Working with women during this special time in their lives is work I enjoy with all of my being. I’m honored to take this journey with you and hope you feel connected and comfortable in our community.


Anna Jones

"Jillian's teaching is rooted in the physiology of labor and birth. I think my time in Jillian's class contributed to my quick birth, and my easy recovery. I gained both physical and emotional strength from the class."

Brittany Viklund

"Taking a moment, every week, to slow down, stretch my body & connect with my body & baby was the best thing I did for myself while I was pregnant with both of my babies. Jillian helped me learn to find peace in the process of developing & ultimately delivering a life within & through my body."

Reem O'Donnell

"Jillian’s prenatal yoga class is phenomenal! Her class not only helps you physically and mentally during your pregnancy, but unlike some other classes also prepares you for labor and birth."