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Defining Your Minimum Viable Self Care Practice

By: Michelle Briggs, Co-founder WMP

Is it me or are self care practices slipping through our fingers faster than sand this year? Just as our routines and traditions have been upended, I would venture a guess that your ideal self care routine has taken a hit too.

Self care has been big on my mind recently. Between the pandemic, my big kids home for 5 months, having a baby, and running two businesses, taking care of myself has been capital D DE-PRIORITIZED, and yet, despite the 2020 pile on, I have somehow managed to feel more even keeled this year than in the previous three.

Don't misunderstand, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and micro-burnouts are all acutely present forces in my life, however, they haven't derailed me in ways they have in the past.

By all accounts and on paper, I should be a mess, and while my house currently is, my mind feels pretty good, so what gives? The search for this answer has been critical, because I want to keep feeling strong and even keeled. My family, my business, and my wellbeing depend on it. 

The answer? I credit a minimum viable self care practice - i.e., the small core of non-negotiable practices that keep me running at a manageable and healthy mental baseline. Hear me, I didn't say OPTIMUM, but BASELINE... in other words, just enough to consistently get by.

What is a Minimum Viable Self Care Practice? It is the budget airline version of your ideal self care practice. Just enough to get you from point A to point B without falling from the sky. They are the collection of non-negotiable mind, body, spirit, and relationship practices that keep the engine (you) running. 

Right now my MVP (minimum viable practice) is SUPER lean because I am diving back into work, caring for an infant, and learning the rhythm of a family of 5. There isn't as much room for "me" right now, but that doesn't mean "I" shouldn't be part of the equation.

Right now I am prioritizing sleep, mindset, and connection, and really trying to make sure my healthy habits are consistent; I'm talking BASIC things like taking vitamins, having a quick morning shower, drinking water, etc... (BTW, these things are "healthy habits", not self care, I do believe there is a difference. Healthy habits are things that all people need in their day - a shower or a quick meal, while hard to come by sometimes, is not self care. Here at WMP, we believe self care goes beyond care of the physical body, extending more into the realm of mind, body, spirt synergy. It is the sum of all the parts - creating a holistic shift in your mental, physical, and emotional energy.)

Below you can see how my self care practice has shifted over the last 12 months. While it's not ideal, I know it's not forever.

I am firmly committed to not calling this time a "new normal," it's just "normal-for-now," and that mindset shift helps me stay okay with the lean version of my self care. 

Take a minute to think about how your self care practice may have changed this year. What are you doing well? What do you miss? What is your minimum viable self care practice?

Our upcoming Presence and Productivity Method, features an entire section devoted to SELF. We:

  1. provide an exercise on how to define your oxygen mask - i.e., you minimum viable self care routine,
  2. Provide you with a habit tracker, and
  3. Arm you with quick and effective self care practices such as workouts and meditations from our WMP experts.
  4. Also, there may or may not be two INCREDIBLE offers from Barre3 and Expectful for those who buy the method!

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