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How My Daily Meditation Practice Made 2020 The Best Year of My Life

By: Jillian Woods

WMP Expert: Wellness, Meditation, Yoga for Women

These are challenging times with everything going on in our world. I have been so grateful for my daily meditation practice to keep me grounded and in a positive state of mind as we ebb and flow in this new world that we are living in. 

When I need guidance in uncertain times, I turn to my meditation teacher, David Romanelli.  I met Dave at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee on a wisdom and wellness retreat.  He has made a profound impact on my life and my teaching.  Dave gives you practical guidance about how to use your daily meditation practice to improve your overall wellbeing. Recently my husband, Nick, joined me for the daily meditations and we have grown so much closer as partners. 

I was so grateful to have a daily meditation practice when Covid 19 hit as it kept me steady in these uncertain times. My husband lost his job and my successful yoga business came to a screeching halt. It was tough. We have 3 kids to feed and I felt scared and lost about what the future would hold for our family. 

I made a commitment to keep GIVING to my students and keep my head in the game. I continued to put in the hours to give out the GOOD STUFF. It was a pivot and turn moment for me in my professional and personal life. My meditation practice gave me the courage and confidence to keep going. I leaned into my intuition to guide me as I tuned out the external noise from the world. My practice kept me centered and focused. 

The more love and attention I gave to students, friends and family, the better I felt.

"A daily meditation practice keeps you moving towards the center line. It helps you find the balance in life."

With all things considered we should have been spinning out of control at our house and arguing and feeling resentful and upset, but it was the complete opposite. I have never felt more connected to my husband and my family. We are listening to our daily meditations and connecting on a different level both spiritually + emotionally. It’s been remarkable to feel the changes that are happening and that we can let go and TRUST OUR JOURNEY.  I fully believe that it will all work out as it was meant to be because that is what meditation does, it rewires the brain to draw in the positive energy and tune out the fear + anxiety + stress. If the stress and anxiety do creep in, meditation can help you recover more quickly and get back to balance in a healthy and mindful way. 

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. It is used to reduce stress, create a tranquil mind and to help ease into relaxation. It taps into the parasympathetic nervous system where we relax, renew and restore. Meditation gives a sense of peace, calm and balance that benefits the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. There are many different types of meditation but they all share a common theme of creating inner peace. Meditation sharpens your attention and allows the mind to focus better. A consistent meditation practice can increase resiliency to stressful situations. Meditation induces feelings of compassion and activates circuits in the brain that are connected to good feelings and love. Meditation can be a step in the right direction to improving overall mental health and have a positive impact on relationships with others. 

I often tell people I have had one of the BEST years of my entire LIFE. It isn’t because everything swings my way or we don’t have struggles, but this meditation practice has provided me with new fresh perspective to lead my life. My life is more authentic and full of love. 

Peace + love + support on this journey. 


Jillian Woods

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