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Support Resources for the Expectant and First Year Parent

Uncategorized Oct 29, 2021

It doesn't matter if it is your first or fifth baby, each pregnancy and infant hood is unique and requires support. 

For instance, prenatal yoga accompanied me through all three pregnancies. It was a non negotiable and a ritual during pregnancy that I adorned. I required breastfeeding support with my first son, but not the others. I required sleep training support with my first and third, but not my second. We required relationship support after our first. I required mental health support while pregnant with my second. 

The point I am trying to make here, is that no matter where you are in your family building, the kinds of support you need will very and the truth is, we all need support in one form or fashion at some point.

Having trusted references and resources is always a good thing. 

Below are a some resources, both free and paid from WMP and friends.  


Prenatal Prana - The Jillian Woods Method: A Comprehensive Prenatal Yoga Series & Birth Support Package 

The Milk Makers Manual - How to Breastfeed Right from the Start 

Upbringing's Right From the Start - Confident Parenting Community and Course for the New Parent

BOOK - Dear Motherhood by Emma Heaphy


Meditation + Mindset Bundle for Mothers

Free Resources

VIDEO - Wake up and Rise - Prenatal Yoga Morning Routine Video

PDF - What You Should Know About Breastfeeding Before Baby Arrives

COURSE - Preparing for Home Birth

Podcast Episode - The Power of Choice in Feeding Your Baby

Podcast Episode - Consciously Parenting Through Loss & Infertility 

Podcast Episode - How To Mother New Mothers 

Podcast Episode - On Women Preparing Their Mind & Body for Childbirth

In your corner, 

Michelle + Lydia


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