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Work From Home Mindsets

There are 7 mindsets that are critical for working from home parents, especially during a pandemic. 

Control - No, I don't mean you have control over everything! I mean time management gives us a sense of control to decide what you want to do and when. You control your decisions and how you commit. 

Optimism - This is critical when you need to relax your brain for solutions to come to you. Staying positive and knowing they are there will allow them to appear.

Acceptance - You are not the same mother, employee, business owner, spouse, friend, sibling or child you were before 2020. Let's accept this and move forward.

Responsibility - You are the director of your thoughts and actions. Owning your responsibility helps you move away from doing what you 'should' do and into what you really want to do.

Adaptability - Always be prepared to change things up. You don't know what will hit you in a 2 or 24 hour period. Going with the flow is key here. 

Presence - No more multitasking multiple work items at once. You're already multitasking childcare and working and that's plenty. 

Rejuvenation - Rest; 'down time' and 'brain breaks' are critical to longterm endurance. Down time can be very different person to person. Figure out what fills your cup. Brain breaks are 5-15 minute resets. Meditation is a beautiful example of brain breaks.  

Our upcoming Presence and Productivity Method, walks us through how mindsets affect us. We:

  1. Discuss how a support partner can help you maintain positive mindsets
  2. Provide you with tips on creating your most productive head space, and
  3. Arm you with quick and effective boundary placing transcripts to guard that headspace!

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