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We polled our Instagram community on working from home. The results were eye opening. 74% of you are working from home and of that 74%, 54% of you are new to working from home. On average you work 35 hours a week, have 20 hours of childcare, and over 10 ZOOM meeting a week. Most of you are working in time chunks and over half of you are working weekends. 77% of you have kids at home while you are working and only 53% of your have childcare.

50% of you are struggling.

Staying on task is a big struggle and those who do utilize lists.

Most of you are not working in a dedicated office space at home, but in the dinning room or your bedroom.

When you take a break you are heading outdoors and moving your body or spending quality time with your kiddos.

The best things about working from home are hands down flexibility + freedom + getting bonus face time with your family.

The worst things about working from home are hands down distraction + feelings of isolation. 

Finally, you brought the fire with your Work from Home Mantras:

  • I can do it.
  • Do your best work. Always.
  • Preparation. Preparation. Preparation.
  • New day, fresh start.
  • Be down for the crap.
  • I was made for this.
  • I know what I am doing.
  • What if this isn't a big deal.
  • Just do what you can.
  • Work to live, don't live to work. 
  • I will not miss out on what's meant for me. 

We hear you, working from home is a BIG change. It requires new ways of organizing your day and your time and most significantly it requires massive shifts in mindset and perspective. Lydia and I have been working from home for a cumulative of 10 years. Transitioning from office work life to home work life was a massive shift and frankly a major pivot point in our adult lives. 


The good news is that the hard stuff only stays hard until you do the work to set up new systems and give yourself permission to be productive AND own your day. 

This month we are releasing our 2020 Survival Guide for Work from Home Parents. This guide features our Presence and Productivity Method for finding flow, focus, and fulfillment working from home. 

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