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Working Mothers: The 2020 COVID Crisis Version

Our country was perfectly positioned for what happened between April - September 2020. Over 800,000 women left the workforce. 

Here's why:

1. Women earn lower wages than men. The pay gap. **When deciding who or if someone will stay home to care for children, the go to financial decision is to keep the lowest wage earner at home.

2. Predominant social culture rewards and supports mothers for sacrificing themselves and caring for children. 

3. Employers and the government don't provide sufficient support or flexibility for childcare for working mothers. This includes insufficient parental leave options. 


The Pay Gap

We need to keep this discussion in the fore front. This is still very real in the US. But part of this is also educating ourselves and making small shifts. My husband taught me that everything is negotiable. I wasn't taught this as a girl growing up. It wasn't until I was in my late 20's that I was fully using this. With work, with contracts with everything. I'm doing my part by teaching this to my daughter. As a BONUS section to our Presence & Productivity Method, I am giving you actual scripts for negotiating flexible work schedules with your employer. 

The Mommy Martyr

This is bullshit. You, me and every women in our country gets to decide what kind of mother she wants to be. We get to decide what our values are, what motivates us and what feeds us. We also need to be creating families with a broader holistic family parenting culture. This means every adult is equally responsible for  childcare. This is such an important piece and its two fold. Fathers deserve to make equal decisions around parenting and mothers deserve to not be the default parent. Children also deserve to grow up under the family parenting culture too. The first step towards our growth here, is being firm with boundaries. Because of this, we have an entire section about implementing boundaries our the Presence & Productivity Method.

Employer & Government Childcare Support

Until we shift the mommy martyr culture, this is critical to getting women back into the workforce. Employers need to provide flexibility, better paid parental leave and other types of support for childcare. What if all the women at Google walked out? How much value and financial loss would they incur by losing that piece? A lot. We as women need to do our part here too. Negotiate when taking a job: be up front about your role as a parent; be up front about how you shine as an employee too; be up front about your needs. 

It's Time

It's time for the world to understand that the same rules, schedule and arena that men play in will never work for women. We wear different clothes, we spend money differently why on earth are we expected to work the same?

Here's the deal, I have worked with people from many different countries. They work differently than us. Their minds work differently, their way of communication is different and their schedules of working are different. We never held it against them, it was just what it was like working with them. We didn't cut their pay because of it. Why isn't it the same for women? 

We are extremely valuable because of our different skillsets and specialties. Just by being mothers, we become experts at wearing multiple hats; mother, organizer, problem solver, mediator, etc. These skillsets increase the dollar value of our worth. Instantly. 

Our upcoming Presence and Productivity Method, walks us through how boundaries affect us. We:

  1. Discuss who you need to set boundaries with around you
  2. Provide you with tips on what boundaries you need to thrive, and
  3. Arm you with quick and effective boundary placing transcripts to guard yourself!

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