As a parent are you feeling guilty or frustrated instead of connected & calm?

Get guidance, support, and resources to create a simplified, peaceful, and calm home environment while growing into the parents and individuals you aspire to be. 

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Does this sound like you?

You tell yourself there isn't space for your needs, your goals, your dreams while you’re in the thick of parenthood.

You tell yourself "LATER", or

"when the kids are in school" or

"when the kids are out of the house" or

"when you’re retired"

But..... what if there was space for YOU right now?

 You might be feeling rushed, overwhelmed, and constantly wondering "whose life am I living anyway?"

What if your dream life really is achievable and is simply waiting for you to say YES?

What if it isn’t that you need more time, money, and resources, but just to see your situation differently?

5 Weeks to a Simplified Home, Calm Mind, and Connected Days is the comprehensive course by Life Coach and simplicity expert, Kate Saffle


In this comprehensive course you’ll learn the strategies used personally by Kate to change her life and to maintain a lifestyle for her family based on defined values and intention. 

Yes, I need this!

Natalie, Ontario

"Kate offers so much to her clients and is the kindest most understanding person I've had the pleasure of knowing."


Jessica, Oregon

"Have you ever had the experience where you have taken a really deep breath - the type of breath that fills you up and refreshes you? Well, working with Kate really felt like taking a series of those really deep breaths."

Lael, Michigan

"My kids deserve a happy mother.  They've got one now and as a result, the whole family is thriving too!  Thank you, Kate!"


This course is for committed parents who are determined to grow and change their family story.


You'll learn the same strategies Kate teaches in her one-on-one coaching, but at a fraction of the cost.




What's Included with the course?

  • A comprehensive WORKBOOK walking you through a proven strategy to architect your ideal family/life balance.

  • All the exact activities, goal setting, mindsets, done-for-you templates, tracking and success benchmarks to develop our simplified home.

  • Weekly ENCOURAGEMENT from videos and supporting materials.

  • An invitation to join a supportive, vibrant COMMUNITY of fellow parents you can turn to for answers, feedback and support through our closed Facebook Group

  • Course members have lifetime access and can revisit the classes and resources as often as needed.


Take a look inside 5 Weeks to a Simplified Home, Calm Mind, and Connected Days.

Your Family's Values are the Roadmap to the Life You're Creating Together

Invest in yourself.

Your dream life is achievable + waiting for you to say YES


I spend months with my one-on-one clients going deep into this work. And now you can harness all of my best practices, tools, and guidance for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching AND on your own time.

For $325 (that's just $65 a week), you will have a step-by-step 5 Week guide to creating lasting change and true contentment in your life.

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ALL of this is protected by a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

Meet your Course Creator, Kate Saffle.  

Kate is a certified Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach, host of the Streamlined Motherhood Podcast, and works 1 on 1 with moms to leave auto-pilot forever and intentionally create a life full of purpose, happiness and deep connection. 

Kate thrives in her role as mama of three kiddos, a decaf-coffee drinking homebody, and a full-on travel addict after a year of road-tripping the US in an RV with her family.

All The Tools You Need to Grow into The Parent and Individual You Aspire to be In One Place 

Start building your life's blueprint today with Kate's five week comprehensive course. 

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