Balance is a bullshit term.


What moms who work are truly seeking is to match what's inside with what's happening outside. 


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Four in 10 women are breadwinners.

Read that again.

Four in 10 women are breadwinners.

AND we know of moms who work, 70% are raising kids under the age of 18.

As women we are battling endless demands with minimal support and unrealistic expectations.

Most of us moms are not in a position to hire out all of the domestic duties.

We have supportive partners but we still bear the brunt of the worries, cares and considerations of the home, kids, and all that entails.

There aren't enough hours in the day to do both what needs to be done and also what we want to do for ourselves.

We can't run this pace forever.

Are you interested in dreaming and scheming to find your best rhythms and rituals to mother and work well?

Do you want squared shoulders, certain confidence and a realistic optimism about life?

Looking for flexibility, trust, and opportunity to flex your muscles in both the workplace and the home space?

The Mom Who Works, Quits, Fails and Dreams course is a self-guided framework to empower you to implement systems needed to navigate motherhood and careerhood well.


What works for one doesn't work for all. By incorporating personal experiences, data-driven research, practical tools, and the power of manifestation, this course will culminate in the creation of your own personal mom who works manifesto to serve as a north star to guide you throughout the different seasons of working motherhood and truly achieve what it means to have your all.

Yes, I need this!
Cece J.
"I realized early on that I’m a better mother when I’m engaging the world in ways that are meaningful for me. I really admire women who make different choices (I REALLY do), I need to pack lunches and ship my kids off during the week so that I can be productive. I had to accept that this is my truth and be okay with it. AND I AM!" 
Grace J. 
"I always thought I would be a stay home mom until I became a stay home mom. Once I had kids, I realized just how hard it was being a full-time homemaker. While a part of me wanted to figure a way out of this full-time obligation, a part of me was afraid of losing who I was as an individual."
Simone B. 
"I'd rather regret the risks that didn't work out than the chances I didn't take at all. The what ifs outside of our control are one thing, but I refuse to live with any what ifs that could have been oh yes —or even oh crap—any longer."

Talking about working motherhood is not a new idea.


And yet, too many courses offer tools that work ONLY for the course creator.


This course is different because it includes practical tools for application AND a theoretical discussion, backed by research and personal experiences, to truly maximize how YOU can make work work for YOU




What's Included with the course?

  • Introduction to The Mom Who Grid

  • Four Core Lessons around each category: Works, Quits, Fails, Dreams.

  • Printables

  • Worksheets

  • Suggested readings & listenings

  • Inspirational content

  • Real time access to Jenna


Take a look inside the first lesson & get to know The Mom Who Grid  

Invest in Yourself.


Systems bring freedom and calm chaos; self-exploration redeems our most truest selves; and women are worth it.


The mom who works who is tired, overwhelmed, uncertain, jaded, anxious, searching, seeking-- she is welcome here.


She will gain clarity, certainty, confidence and community, if she desires.


For a one-time investment of $197.00, you'll receive a timeless framework that you can revisit as often as you need it. PLUS direct access to Jenna.

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Say yes to YOU!

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Meet your Course Creator, Jenna Worthen.  


Jenna Worthen, MPM, is the Founder and CEO of the James Martin Company, a political and nonprofit consulting company focused on intentional development strategies. Because she wasn't busy enough, she launched The Task Keeper in October 2015, pursing a new passion to bring beautiful efficiency into the lives of others.

"The exercise started for me, but it morphed quickly into a tool that worked for other moms who work. You cannot go on anyone's journey for them, but the ease of accessibility to this course and its content reaps enormous benefits with minimal barriers. I want women to feel empowered and equipped to say yes and to say no; to quit and to fail; to dream and to scheme."

Worthen founded and curates @MomWhoWorks, an online community for women to redefine what it means to be a working mom in a world without working dads. She spends her days with her husband and three kids, Bobby, Jake, June and a dog who rescued them named Nicey.

Do what you know. Use what you have. Finish what you started.” Myquillyn Smith

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Wouldn't it would be an enormous weight off your shoulders if you felt you can do, be and care for all you need to do while finding capacity and margin for yourself?


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