M O V E M E N T 

Allison Candelaria

Allison Candelaria is an internationally known yoga teacher and the owner of Soul Yoga. She is a contributing writer and expert for Yoga Journal, has been featured in Shape Magazine, Mantra Magazine, and her studio has been voted best in the city multiple times. With over a decade of experience, Allison’s vinyasa flow classes are anatomically informed and uniquely incorporate myofascial release techniques to balance the mind, body and breath. In addition to her regularly scheduled classes, she teaches specialized workshops throughout the country, tailors private sessions to the needs of her clients, and works closely with professional athletes incorporating yoga as cross training.


@soulyogaokc @allisoncandelaria



Lydia Benham

Lydia thought she knew all the struggles from a 10 year career in tech but met her match with two little ones, 2 years apart. She learned the gift of community and knowing she wasn't alone as a mama and is sharing that with the WMP community.




Jillian Woods

Jillian Woods is a certified yoga instructor with specialties in prenatal, postnatal and women's yoga. A long established pillar of the women's wellness community providing support to her tribe of women through all stages of motherhood. Jillian has received her Mamaste Prenatal Yoga Certification, Postnatal Certification, and Yoga for Women/Renewal Certification. She is also the mother of three amazing kiddos.




Kristen Forbes

A functional registered dietitian nutritionist and registered nurse who provides individualized nutritional therapies and other wellness strategies to help you find a happy weight, feel your best, and get the most out of your life. I do this through thorough lifestyle and diet assessment, nutritional and supplemental recommendations, education, inspiration, continual coaching and support, motivation. 




Seneca Dewbre

Certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and am a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac).  I am also credentialed by the Texas Medical Board as a Licensed Acupuncturist. I have completed additional training in cosmetic acupuncture for the face and neck. In August of 2017 I completed my doctoral degree for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine with a speciality in gynecology.


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M O V E M E N T 

Forty minute myofascial release flow from Allison Candelaria.


P E R S P E C T I V E  & 


Boundaries: The Key To Working From Home by Lydia Benham

In Our Presence and Productivity Method we review 4 nuclear areas that you need to set up boundaries in order to maintain balance during this working from home season. 

1. Boundaries with Kids

2. Boundaries with Partner

3. Boundaries with Employer/Co Workers

4. Boundaries with Yourself

Sneak Peek 👀 Boundaries With Kids 👀

In general, kids thrive with consistent routine and boundaries. We want to consider routine, both in terms of:

1. time - i.e., the order of activities in a day

2. script - i.e., the words we consistently use to signal a transition or need.

For very young children ages 2.5 - 5 scripting the day and the transition are key.

Every morning sit down with your child and tell them what is happening that day. Emphasize your together time. Refer back to this conversation during transition times. The younger the child, the fewer words you want in your script. While this is not always possible, the younger the child, the easier transitions will be if yours days are consistently organized the in the same order of activities.

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An 11 minute Meditation from Jillian Woods on Change.

Listen to November's Meditation:

 N U T R I T I O N 


We asked WMP Expert, Kristen Forbes, founder of Forbes Wellness and busy working mother of 3, what her go to free resources were for healthy/family & working parent friendly meals.

Budget Bytes: There is an obvious reason I love this site- budget friendly meals that work for families! Plenty of variety here and most of her recipes are super easy. I have been making her teriyaki salmon for years, and tend to recreate the one pot meals on a weekly basis!

Forbes' faves:

Cookie and Kate: Very veggie-heavy, in the best way ever. This is my go-to for weekly plant based meals (we try to do 1-3 meatless meals per week). I love that the recipes are all very adaptable to suit your needs. Sometimes I will add a protein, or switch up the vegetables. It always works. Also, the baked goods on this site are so yummy! I love the modifications she provides- really can make things work for any dietary needs.

Forbes' faves:

Well Plated by Erin: Love the variety on this site! Ingredients used (proteins/veggies/etc) and methods of cooking - you can find anything you are looking for in regards to items you have at home needing to be used or time you have to prepare a meal. Instant pot, slow cooker, sheet pan recipes- plenty of options for an easy, healthy meal.

Forbes' faves:

  • Turkey ChiliVeggie packed! We always use organic full-fat plain Greek yogurt as a topping, plus cilantro for a dose of daily detox!
  • Shrimp Tacos: I always find a way to mess shrimp up, but this one turns out great every time!
  • Hoppin John: I found this recipe one year for New Years Day and loved it so much I have kept it on the keeper list. I usually serve it with salmon.

Wholesomelicious: I love this site, and it’s a little less known in my life circles. The creator has a degree in Nutritional Sciences and emphasizes cooking with real food, which aligns with my wellness vision both at home and in business. She provides plenty of recipes for various dietary strategies, always focusing on food in its whole form. Another one with great baked goods that are better for you but still delicious!

Forbes' faves:


Dr. Dewbre’s top 6 anxiety busters

1. Constantly remind yourself to flip your mindset. - A fear based mindset is not a healthy mind set 

Of course we need to stay educated and up to date with information related to the pandemic and we all need do our part to keep our families and communities safe, but remember that immersing ourselves in COVID - 19 overload will ultimately stress our immune systems more so than help it. Believe in yours choices regarding keeping yourself and your family healthy and safe. Whenever you find yourself in “what if” type thinking or fear based thinking stop yourself and redirect. 

 2. Sleep

Research done by Dr. Aric Prather on another type of Coronavirus (aka common cold) found that, “people who sleep 6 hours a night or less are 4 times more likely to catch a cold when exposed to the virus, compared to those who spend more than 7 hours a night in slumber land.” Sleep is so important to our bodies for many reasons. 

During sleep the body goes into repair and restore mode. During REM sleep in particularly, the body revs up cellular repair. When we do not spend enough time in this stage, our body is not fully charged to take on environmental stressors. 

If we make time to give our bodies enough sleep, our bodies are better equipped to handle stressors for the next day. Other studies show that an activated immune system highly depends on energy. When we are asleep, our body requires less energy thus recharging our immune system for the next day. 

In Chinese Medicine we believe our bodies create an immune bubble that we project to the environment called “wei qi”. We need sleep to make sure our body’s have enough energy to project a strong wei qi layer to keep us healthy against environmental factors. 

3. Drink your water

Did you know dehydration can worsen anxiety symptoms? Staying hydrated allows your body to flush out waste and increases your ability to switch quickly between sympathetic and para-sympathetic mode, aka fight or flight. Dehydration rarely causes anxiety on it’s own but it can definitely be a contributing factor to your anxiety level . 

I encourage you to add a pinch of high quality sea salt to each bottle of water. This helps maintain your electrolyte levels by adding in trace minerals. Also consider eating your hydration with foods like apples, cucumbers and pears. Easy rule of thumb: If a fruit or veggie is juicy, it will nourish your hydration! 

 4. Exercise - physical and mental 

Exercising increases blood circulation which allows cells and substances related to the immune system move in free flow through the body; allowing them to work efficiently. Exercise increases endorphins and slows the release of stress hormones, which in turn boosts your immune function and elevates your mood. 

Have you heard of Tai Chi? It’s not always about zenning out. I am going to walk you through an exercise called “Boulder Throwing” that is excellent at moving and letting go of energy very quickly. 

5. Connect with Nature and Acknowledge the Season

Chinese Medicine relates everything to nature. Right now we are transitioning to autumn and the organ system related to this season is the Lung. The Lung relates heavily to the emotions of grief and sadness. The energetics of the lungs are to let go, just like the trees let go of their leaves for this season, we need to follow suit and let go of things we are holding on to so we can transition to the next season and keep our lung energy strong. The lungs are like an umbrella over all the other organs and are the uppermost organ in the body. Because of this, the lungs are susceptible to wind and cold. (Think about it like getting trapped in the rain with an umbrella, that thing is getting soaked while trying to keep you dry underneath) So if our umbrellas are weak we will easily get sick. If we are struggling to let go of summer, we are going against mother nature’s seasonal change which will ultimately weaken our lung qi! 

6. Acupuncture and/or Acu-pressure

Acupuncture is a great way to re-charge your body and help get yourself balanced. It’s great to help level the mood as you get a nice endorphin dump when the needles go into the body and trigger your brain to let the feel good hormones free. On the flip side I get it - you hardly have time to keep your life together, not everyone can come get in for an acupuncture session. In that case I suggest practicing some at home acu-pressure. You can use these methods on yourself or make it a family affair and start a Self Care Sunday where the fam gets involved and does an acu-pressure conga line! Well, not exactly a conga but you get my drift.