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About WMP


Meet the Founders

Our Story

After creating Basal Baby, an e-commerce destination with curated products for kiddos 0 - 4, we began to see the need for a different type of parenting resource. Whole Modern Parent was born from our desire to meet the needs of the modern parent in a world of overwhelm.


Our Beliefs

We wholeheartedly believe that thriving parenthood begets thriving childhood. When we have the resources to cultivate healthy thriving lives for ourselves, we pass these skills on to our children, who will grow up with an innate understanding of stress management, routine and ritual, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness (to name a few).


Our Perspective

We are tired and overwhelmed and living in an overly saturated world. WMP does the work of curating trusted experts so growth-minded parents can have a single trusted source for the most important resources and tools needed to thrive in parenthood. 


Our Platform

Whole Modern Parent connects parents who seek to define their “zone of thriving” with experts who have spent the time cultivating knowledge and expertise in their given areas. Within Whole Modern Parent you will find information, tools, and resources to explore various wellness modalities. The platform features a curated member shop, resource library, and hosts monthly live trainings with spotlight experts.


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