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Reclaim Focus, Flow, and Fulfillment and Learn to thrive as a Work from Home Parent in just 3 days with our 50+ page digital resource & workbook for the work at home parent.


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What if you never had to worry about "dropping balls" again?


What if overwhelm didn't define your work from home life?


What if you didn't have to fight with your partner to get more time for things you need to do?


What if you didn't have to always feel like you are on the losing end of "balance"?

With the Presence and Productivity Method you will ditch distraction and imbalance by setting up foundational systems that allow you to find: 

  • focus in your work

  • flow in your day, and 

  • fulfillment with your family

In just three days you will learn and implement the systems and mindset shifts required to thrive as a work from home parent.

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All The Tools You Need To Crush Virtual Conferencing in 2020!


Conference calls are tough while working from home but add being on video to it and...well, you've lived it. Use our tested tips to keep you from making your next video conference mistake. 


Yes, This is Me!

Does this sound like you?

  • In February you had a predictable weekly routine working at your office or coffeeshop while your kids were at school and now you are working from home, with your kids underfoot 24/7.

  • You feel scattered and distracted in your work and frustrated and impatient in your parenting.

  • You are struggling to meet the demands of work and family, and the only consistent thing in your life right now is that you are dropping balls and stopping essential self care.

  • You are burned out and know there has to be a better way.

What if we told you there was a way to make working from home in 2020 manageable and even dare we say.... fulfilling?


What if we told you that turning your work from home life around was possible in less than one week?

This is why we created The Presence and Productivity Method™️

The systems and exercises in The Presence and Productivity Method™️ are a result of 5 years worth of trial and error working from home with small children.


In less than 3 days we are going to walk you through them all.


The Presence and Productivity Method™️ is how we were able to not only continue working in 2020, when our kids and partners came home full time, but also build a brand new thriving business and welcome a new baby.
We are passionate about working from home and we are passionate about parents continuing to support their family and follow their dreams.
We know how good working from home can be when you are prepared and have the right systems and support in place. We also know how hard and disorienting it can be when you don't.

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If you are ready to break free from frustration, burnout, and distracted work from home living in less than one week...


Get your Presence and Productivity Method for only $87! 


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The Presence and Productivity Method™️ is a workbook of the systems that allowed co-founders Lydia Benham & Michelle Briggs to create and build Whole Modern Parent in small time blocks during the hardest year of their parenting life to date.  

Inside this workbook you will find foundational exercises and task management tutorials to address not only working from home, but specifically, working at home during a crisis. 

This Includes:

✨ Defining your minimum viable self care practice
✨ A framework and step by step process for creating an agile and adaptable weekly rhythm and task list
✨ Template for creating a weekly family meeting that will align you and your partner
✨Our Set Up for Success formula featuring guidance and exercises on how to create boundaries, space, and support that encourage peak productivity
✨ Access to exclusive wellness content including workouts and meditations from WMP Experts

This workbook is designed and created by two expert WFH mamas with 10 years of collective work from home experience working for bosses and themselves.


They used this exact method to support their work from home in 2020 and build Whole Modern Parent.


"This method is what supported us as we navigated the switch from working from home to working at home during a crisis and allowed us to create and launch a new business from scratch during that time."

About Michelle & Lydia:


Michelle & Lydia are the co-founders of Whole Modern Parent. They have been living the work from home life since well before #quarantine2020. They have five kiddos under seven between them.

They believe Working from Home is the secret to having a flourishing career AND getting more time with your kids in the messy magical season of early parenthood.

"We intentionally chose to divide our work week between our work and parenting because that's how we designed it. We don't fit the 40 hour work week camp nor the stay-at-home mom camp. We wanted to experience more of our littles' childhood, but without sacrificing our desire to build companies. We quickly realized, that there is no road map for the work from home parent, we have literally spent YEARS refining and perfecting this undefined lifestyle and want more parents to experience the freedom and fulfillment it offers. So here it is, our version of your road map to thriving as a work from home parent."

Right now you are struggling.


Your work flow is constantly interrupted and your family time is clouded by what you didn't get done for work.


You miss the routine and structure your work days at the office provided.


Whether or not you were working at home before the pandemic, you didn't choose to work at home with your kids during a crisis.


You feel isolated and unsure how much longer you can do this.


While nothing about this year is normal, it is possible to thrive working from home, even in 2020.

Imagine if you your partner began each week on the same page and working together instead of against each other.

Imagine if you felt confident and in control of your week.

Imagine days where you are having productive work blocks followed by present moments, meals, and outdoor time with your family.

Imagine living a lifestyle that is not about work life balance but about work life blend

 Imagine allowing yourself to enjoy the flexibility and freedom working from home gives you without guilt.

Imagine crafting a weekly rhythm that is aligned with your essential self-care need.


Sound too good to be true? It's not.


Working from home has the potential to give you the best of both worlds, but preparation, mindset, and system are critical.

It took us years to step into and own this incredible lifestyle. We don't want you to wait that long.

We want this to be your work from home reality NOW.


Are you ready to break through this 2020 barrier with us?

Yes! I'm ready to break through!

What you get when you download your Presence and Productivity Method™️ 

The Presence and Productivity Method™️ is a workbook that brings together the WFH systems and methods used by Whole Modern Parent founders, Lydia Benham & Michelle Briggs.

The workbook is broken out into three core section that are designed to be completed in order. Each section is foundational to the next.

YES! I am ready to thrive as a work from home parent!

Bonus 1

Script for Negotiating Work from Home with Your Boss ($50 Value)
Now that you have the systems in place to thrive working from home, you want to keep working from home. This bonus walks you through how to get your boss on board.

Bonus 2

WFH Mantra Cards ($15 Value)
Downloadable mantras from your fellow Work From Home Warriors

The Presence and Productivity Method™️ is valued at $460, but we are offering it for just $87 through the end of 2020 because we want you to continue:


⇨ Providing for your family

⇨ Following your career aspirations

⇨ Building your dreams


Parents are being left behind this year.

You work hard for our families and for our work. You deserve better.

We are with you and we are here for you!

Yes, I Want The Presence and Productivity Method™️

Who The Presence and Productivity Method™️ is For...

Perhaps working from home was never your plan, or maybe you worked from home before 2020, but your boundaries and space have been destroyed by kids at home full time, or maybe you have lost your job and want to consider building a business of your own?


Whatever your work from home circumstances are, one thing is for certain - We are not working from home right now, we are working at home during a crisis.


This is a fundamental difference. Yes, the systems and practices in our Presence and Productivity MethodTM will allow you to create a fulfilling work at home life given the circumstances of our world.


Once you have found your groove and are working the method, just think about how GOOD this will be when the weight of this year lifts. Working from Home CAN give you the best of both worlds. We want to get you there, but before we can get back to normal, we have to get through this year(s).


We want more than anything for working parents, and especially mothers, to continue the work they are called to do. Whether you are working to feed your family or fuel a passion, it is important. You are important and deserve to feel productive in your work and present in your family life.


Yes, I Deserve Presence and Productivity!

Get The Presence and Productivity Method Today for $127 

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How It Works:

  1. Purchase your digital copy of The Presence and Productivity Method™️ 
  2. Check your inbox to access your download
  3. Complete each section in order. (We recommend focusing 30-45 minutes on each section a day for 3 days.)
  4. Begin working your new plan and systems and see your work from home life improve instantly.
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Imagine One Week from Today you...


✨ Have an adaptable plan for your week with time blocks dedicated to all the important parts of your life and personhood


✨ Have an agile and motivating to-do list that prioritizes and catches all your tasks


✨ Have a way to communicate with your partner that elevates your relationship, creates empathy, and allows you to work together to achieve your needs for the week


✨ Know exactly what your minimum viable self care practice is and you stick to it, breathing new life into your spirit and week.


Now imagine that you have gone from out of control and overwhelmed to focused and fulfilled working from home.


You feel productive in your work and present with your family. Your work time has decreased and your family time has increased You just may never want to turn back.


Now is the time to take action. Lock in our low price of $87, before it goes up to $127 very soon.

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Reclaim the focus, flow, and fulfillment you deserve working from home in just 3 days


Get your Presence & Productivity Method™️ featuring our Flow Framework and Set Up for Success Formula valued at $460 now only $87 for a limited time!


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