WMP Workshops:

Live learning opportunities for you to connect and engage with other parents and industry experts. 

Past Workshops

A Parent's Guide to Conquering Investing: Setting a Solid Foundation

What you will leave this workshop with:

  • Investing language so you no longer feel intimidated by professionals and can make decisions for yourself
  • Confidence that investing is something you can tackle
  • Ideas on where to begin and what investing strategy might be right for you, your children and your family
  • BONUS: Get Emily's investing visual map with her favorite stocks!

Now is the time to start reducing anxiety! 

During this virtual workshop we will:

  • Walk through the best ways to reduce anxiety 
  • Learn some best 'health' practices for boosting immunity
  • 6 easy at-home acupressure techniques to bring instant clarity & relaxation
  • BONUS: Get a FREE At-Home Gua Sha guide!

Parenting During Covid 19

During this virtual workshop we will:

  • Learn strategies for calming children  
  • Learn coping skills for managing our children's tantrums
  • Prioritize your own mental health while caring for children
  • Learn behavioral strategies & mindfulness practices for success
  • Live Q/A with experts Jamie & Anna

This virtual workshop is for parents who:

✔  Need to turn chaos into HARMONY in their homes

✔   Crave overall home life SATISFACTION

✔  Want to feel CONFIDENT in their parenting

✔  Make conscious decisions about how you're going to SHOW UP as a parent

Missed the workshop? Check out Kate's full course. 

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This virtual workshop is for parents who:

✔  Need to find a RHYTHM schooling inside the 'home'

✔   Need TIPS on thriving with home setting education

✔  Want to feel CONFIDENT in their knowledge on how education works

✔  Want to PRIORITIZE learning based on their kid's learning type

Missed the workshop? Find more information here.

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